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Get prices are the cheapest in Turkey and there is no competitor, as our company relies on the method of accuracy and speed in dealing with all types of sea and air cargo.

Air Cargo Services

Shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia

Shipping of personal parcels from Istanbul – Turkey
Personal parcels in this case are all related to the person for personal or domestic use provided that these things are not possible to be used for trade and of course this is a customs requirement when viewed in order to deal with the shipment as a personal shipment and not commercial and when evaluated as a personal shipment do not put on it Our company offers this service as fast express shipping.

Where we send our staff to the place of work and receive the shipment from the customer and weigh and estimate the size of the weight and calculate the cost of shipping directly, and our company is characterized by speed in the accuracy of its work where the duration of the shipment does not exceed the cases of express shipping for 4 days.

Receiving and processing service
After contacting the client and agreeing on the place of delivery of the shipment, if it is in place, our team will send the company’s own car to receive the shipment or be received at the company’s headquarters. The shipment is weighed and its volumetric weight is also determined. After agreeing the costs with the customer and receiving the shipment, the technical team will ensure that they contain sensitive or fragile materials. They are well insulated. In normal cases, they will be shipped to the target country on the same day of delivery.

Follow-up service
Our staff is always at hand, taking care of your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; they will contact you to update you on the progress of your shipment. All customers can follow the status of their shipment and its route directly through the portal follow the shipment in our website directly.

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