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Get prices are the cheapest in Turkey and there is no competitor, as our company relies on the method of accuracy and speed in dealing with all types of land and air cargo.

Hijazi Cargo Services

From Door To Door Shipping

From Door to Door shipping service by air from Turkey to all countries
Our company provides door-to-door shipping service with shipping insurance whether air or sea shipment, where the shipping process begins after the customer communicates with us from inside or outside Turkey. Where special representatives are sent from our company to receive the shipment. After weighing and delivering the bill of lading, it is transferred to our warehouses in Istanbul and then re-packaged and processed

We deal with major international transport companies and we have contracts with them to secure shipments and delivery as soon as possible, where personal shipments do not take more than three days.

Shipping an air person with door to door delivery
We provide personal shipments that contain items for personal, not commercial use. The shipment is received from the customer’s place of residence or can be picked up at the company’s premises. The bill of lading shall be delivered to the customer and the shipment will be received and repackaged well in proportion to its contents and shall be shipped to the target country with a maximum of three working days.

We ship personal items to all Arab countries and the company does not bear any customs costs if imposed by the customs of the target country.

Commercial air cargo with door to door delivery.
Our company currently offers this service to Saudi Arabia only.We receive the shipment directly from the customer or receive it from its source if it is a company or factory and send to our warehouse in Istanbul, after processing the shipment and re-packaging well and processing customs papers from the export invoice, bill of lading and certificate of origin.

They are shipped to the target city and delivered to the owner’s place of residence or work.

The shipping period takes one week from the moment the shipment is received until delivery.

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