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For Sea Shipping Services

Get prices are the cheapest in Turkey and there is no competitor, as our company relies on the method of accuracy and speed in dealing with all types of sea and air cargo.

Land Cargo Services

Land Cargo

Our company is one of the most important land shipping companies in Turkey offering all services of road freight, container shipping, partial shipment, collection and extraction of road freight bills and strict observance of the data recorded in the waybill to avoid delays.

We also offer the best land freight rates in Turkey due to our long experience in dealing with international land shipping companies.

Our company occupies the first place in the field of road freight in Turkey, not only in the accuracy of work and completion on time, but also to ensure the comfort of their customers and gain their satisfaction, because Hijazi Cargo gives you many advantages, including:
– Door to door shipping service
– Insurance on all shipments
– Free packaging service and be in several stages: –
– Know the shipping method for the packaging process to suit the quality of shipping (land – sea – air)
– Providing the necessary materials for packaging according to the type of shipment (home furniture or breakable).
– Re-packaging if the shipment is improperly packaged to maintain volumetric weight (what is volumetric weight?)

Volumetric weight
What is the volumetric weight of shipping packages? How is it measured and does reducing it affect the reduction of shipping costs?

Volumetric Weight is often confused with those who wish to ship goods or personal effects with the concept of quantitative weight, and some may think that both performers are the same.

Although both terms refer to weight and are used to determine the weight of shipments, the difference is that the quantitative weight is the weight of the weight of the cargo and is measured in kilograms, whereas the volumetric weight is the suitability of the dimensions of the package (measured in cubic meters). With weight of kg.

Thus, the volumetric weight of 100 kg of steel, for example, differs from the volumetric weight of 100 kg of cotton, although the weight of the weight in the two examples is one 100 kg, but the volumetric weight varies between them several times.

And here may come to us the most important question, does the volumetric weight in determining the price of the shipment negatively or positively ?! Is the relationship between volumetric weight and price is a steady relationship increases with increasing volumetric weight and decreases by reducing it.

To answer this question we must know that all types of shipping and different means in all countries of the world, especially air freight, which depends in the pricing mechanism of freight charges on the balance of quantitative weight (kg) volumetric weight (cubic meters) and set the standards for each company.

Where the quantitative weight is calculated in kilograms and the amount of space occupied by the shipment, if the volume weights increased compared to the quantitative weights, there is no doubt that the freight charges will rise,

According to the volumetric weight (length in cm * width in cm * height in cm) divided by 5000 resulting from the previous process is called volumetric weight and some companies may go to calculate whichever is greater, and the largest weight is used to calculate the cost of shipping.

Here we can conclude that the cost of shipping 100 kg of uncompressed single cotton will cost more than the cost of shipping 100 kg of the same cotton if pressed and packaged and packed properly.

Therefore, professional packaging is a very important issue in shipping procedures and plays a key role in reducing shipping costs. It saves at least 20% in most cases.

In this regard, our company offers its customers a professional re-packaging service to lose weight volumetric, a free service provided by the company within the range of integrated services aimed at facilitating shipping operations and reduce costs and burdens on our customers while reducing it.

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