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Get prices are the cheapest in Turkey and there is no competitor, as our company relies on the method of accuracy and speed in dealing with all types of land and air cargo.

Hijazi Cargo Services

Re-Packaging Of Parcels

We only repackage individual shipments. We do not combine two or more shipments into one shipment and do not repackage all goods.

– If the shipment is insufficiently packed, we will do it for you to add extra protection and security to the package.
– If the package weight is large, we repackage it in small boxes suitable for its size and weight to reduce shipping charges and achieve savings of between 10 and 15 USD on average.

Shipments that could benefit from repackaging will be refilled by our trained operations staff. After receiving the shipment from the employee sent to you, and through his experience in estimating the volume of shipments can tell you if you want to re-packaging.

In order to match the weight between the weight and size and if you want not to re-packaging you can tell, we do not re-packaging before telling you so and more than 40% of our customers enjoy the service because our goal is always to provide the best service to our valued customers.

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