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Get prices are the cheapest in Turkey and there is no competitor, as our company relies on the method of accuracy and speed in dealing with all types of land and air cargo.

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Re-Packaging Of Parcels

It is woven from silk and fed with gold and threaded threads and it’s decoration is predominantly Islamic
The magic of beauty, originality, engraving and colors lies in the carpets of Turkey.It is known that a hand-made Turkish carpet is the best souvenir acquired from Istanbul, not only because it gives a stunning touch to every home, and admires any woman, but because it tells the story of thousands of years of the pride of Turkish industry, High quality.

The Turkish carpet is characterized by its bright colors, beautiful, and Islamic decorative character, with some inscriptions in Ottoman letters, and is considered one of the most luxurious types of the world, as it is woven from silk, which is decorated with lines and gold.

Hijazi Cargo is characterized by the testimony of many of its customers packing and packaging and fast shipping at the lowest cost and is ready to ship carpets from Turkey to all over the world.

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